7mm Wetsuit Scorpena Waterflower

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Scorpena Waterflower wetsuits are designed for ladies, taking into account the anatomy of female body. Made from highly durable, soft and eco-friendly Sheico neoprene, glued using a new water-based glue without the smell (no chemical solvent is used).

· Wetsuit consists of two parts: a jacket with hood and high pants.

· The inside of the suit has an open cell, while the outside is covered with a soft and durable elastane fabric.

· Seams are glued with eco-friendly (solvient free) glue and stitched with a blind seam.

· The edges of the sleeves, pants and hood are overlocked to prevent wetsuit damage along the edges.

· The lower part of the jacket and the upper part of the pants are covered with elastic tape.

· The cut of the jacket hood is adapted for use in cold water: the hood covers the forehead and chin.

· Inside the hood nylon is used to prevent hair damage and make the suit easier to put on.

· Knees are covered with abrasion-resistant Supratex material, resistant to snags, cuts, etc.
Size Weight, kg Height, cm Chest, cm Waist, cm Hips, cm
XS 54-61 155-160 79-85 61-67 84-90
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XL 73-80 175-180 100-106 79-85 104-110