About us

Scorpena offers original high-quality spearfishing, diving, freediving & water sports equipment with a special focus on for severe cold water conditions of northern Europe.

Established in 2011 by Aquatex, one of the oldest companies working in European underwater market with 30+ years of experience, Scorpena collection is created by professional team of water sports enthusiasts across the globe. Understanding wants & needs of amateurs and professional athletes allowed us to create a thoroughly designed collection, each and every product of which is carefully tested to guarantee top performance and durability.

Scorpena aims to provide top of the range yet affordable water sports equipment offering more than 400 products, including neoprene goods, masks & snorkels, fins, spearguns, dive computers and other accessories; and we are constantly working on further development of our collection to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Photo: Aquatex 25th Anniversary. Scorpena team, key partners and dealers aquatex-25-years