Weight harness Scorpena, neoprene

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Scorpena weight harness relieves the lower back, distributing the weight on the spearfisher’s back more evenly. It is usually used with neoprene wetsuits thicker than 5 mm.

Remember that when using any weight harness, it is still recommended to leave at least half of the total weight on the quick-release weight belt!

Made from a specialized compression neoprene, 2.5 mm thick and coated on both sides with fabric, this material stands notably denser than typical wetsuit neoprene. This density prevents excessive stretching and sagging of the vest, even when carrying a fully loaded cargo. Another advantage of this denser neoprene is its reduced buoyancy. Consequently, the vest's natural positive buoyancy can be offset with notably less additional weight. 

This weight harness has 8 pockets for weights.