Weight harness Scorpena BCD

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A multifunctional vest that allows the spearfisher to distribute weight across the body.

Main task is to relieve the swimmer's lower back. However, it is recommended to leave at least half of the total weight of the weights on the quick-release weight belt!

This vest allows placing up to 8 standard-sized weight plates in its cargo pockets.

The feature of this weight vest is that it can simultaneously serve as a buoyancy compensator. This is achieved by installing a 3-liter buoyancy chamber inside the vest. This allows the spearfisher to quickly compensate the additional weight, such as a caught fish or any valuable find lifted from the seabed. Or simply helps create additional (excess) buoyancy for comfortable surface movement without exerting additional effort to stay afloat.

The inflation system inflator is equipped with a convenient silicone rubber mouthpiece that securely closes access to water when released from the mouth. To prevent contamination of this mouthpiece, it is equipped with a protective cap. When the inflation system mouthpiece is not in use, it can be stored in a special pocket on the right side of the vest.

Some spearfishers use the inflation system as a drinking system, allowing them to always have a couple of liters of their favorite beverage with them during swimming and use it during rest on the surface! The vest also has two zippered pockets for storing small accessories.

The vest is available in one universal size. The size of the vest can be adjusted by adjusting the side straps. Length (from shoulder to bottom) is 54.5 cm. Circumference (at waist level, at the widest point) ranges from 100.5 cm (straps fully tightened) to 137 cm (straps fully loosened).