Snorkel Scorpena M, blue

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Scorpena M series snorkels are made of a soft technopolymer and are a great choise for any water activity.

An ergonomic mouthpiece made of hypoallergenic silicone provides comfortable grip on the lips and protects the jaw muscles from fatigue, even during long-term hunting.

The optimal combination of length and diameter of the cross section allows you to breathe easily, without exerting excessive force for inhaling and exhaling, without the risk of flooding the tube with water. The curved shape provides a fit to the head and improves hydrodynamic characteristics.

The tube holder provides convenient fastening on the mask strap, and positive buoyancy virtually eliminates the possibility of tube loss during hunting.

The tube has a matte outer surface, which eliminates the possibility of glare when hunting on a sunny day, thereby allowing the hunter to go unnoticed in pursuit of careful fish.

A removable mouthpiece allows replacement in case of damage, without having to change the entire tube.