Snorkel Scorpena J3, yellow

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Scorpena J3 dry snorkel is designed for breathing during long surface swims. It will be highly appreciated by snorkelers, divers and those spearfishers who prefer to use snorkels with valves. 

One of its key features is that, unlike most corrugated snorkels, this model has a molded curved shape that allows you to hold its silicone mouthpiece in your mouth without the extra effort associated with straight corrugations! 

In addition, Scorpena J3 snorkel is equipped with two valves: the lower one is a bypass disc valve and the upper one is a float-type shut-off valve with a lever mechanism.

The mouthpiece is made of soft and hypoallergenic silicone in black color, which will not yellow over time regardless of environmental conditions. It is possible to change it if needed. 

Scorpena J3 snorkel body is made with an oval cross-sectional shape that reduces resistance while maintaining high flow capacity.

Scorpena J3 snorkel’s attachment consists of two separate parts. The first part is worn on the snorkel and the second part is attached to the mask strap. Before diving, the two parts are easily connected in a single movement. When assembled, the attachment can be adjusted. If necessary, the snorkel can be detached from the mask by pressing the special fastener.