Diving hood Scorpena Gamma, 5mm

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The Scorpena Gamma hoods are designed for scuba diving to protect the diver's head and neck from cooling when used with wetsuits that do not have an integrated hood.

It is made from soft and elastic neoprene and covered with nylon.

The seams of the pattern pieces are stitched with a "blind" seam, which prevents water from penetrating through the seams.

The ends of all seams are glued with specialized neoprene glue.

The wide face cuff is made of slightly thinner neoprene.

The inner surface of this cuff is made from smoothskin for better comfort.
Head circumference, cm 52-54 54-56 56-58 56-60
Neck circumference, cm 36-42 38-44 40-46 40-46