Neck weight Scorpena, 4.3 kg

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The modular neck weight system is designed for the most convenient and physiological arrangement of weights during training in various freediving disciplines.

The modular neck weight system is manufactured with an external polymer coating, which has several advantages over uncovered lead weights:

- The non-slip coating prevents the weight from moving, ensuring that the weight system stays securely on the shoulders.

- The polymer coating prevents damage to the modern pool's tiled surface when dropping the weight system during training.

- The coating has noise-reducing properties.

- The protective coating protects your wetsuit from friction caused by bare lead and gray stains, while also preventing direct contact with this toxic metal.

The weight system consists of several modules:

Base - 2600 g;
Side modules for the base 2 x 200 g each;
Docking tail module - 700 g;
Half tail module - 350 g;
Final tail module - 300 g.

However, users can modify the system at any time by adding/removing some of these modules or replacing them with modules of a different weight. To facilitate these manipulations, the weight system includes a stylish brass keychain tool for dismantling the clips, as well as three spare reusable clips.