Float line for buoy, yellow, 25m, 6mm

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A high-strength braided cord with a diameter of 6mm designed for increased loads. The cross-weave reduces the risk of slipping in hand when pulling the buoy. Its dark coloring doesn't attract fish attention.

Buoy rope is used in all types of underwater sports and water sports, with its primary application being in spearfishing. Its stiffness prevents tangling, and due to its buoyancy, the unfurled loops do not snag on each other. The buoy rope doesn't settle on the seabed during dives, thus avoiding getting stuck in debris or rocks, which enhances diver safety. The length of the buoy rope is 35 meters. Before winding it onto the buoy, reel, or any other floating object, it's necessary to make a loop at the end and tightly secure the rope around the reel neck. A carabiner can also be used for this purpose.

Under no circumstances should the loose end of the rope be attached to the vest, weight belt, or directly to your own body! Do not attach the buoy rope to yourself or the weight belt via a carabiner. The loose end should be fastened to a quick-release weight placed on the weight belt. This allows for instant detachment of the weight system from oneself if needed. Attaching the rope to the quick-release weight is most convenient through a carabiner or a loop.