Fins Scorpena Training, pink

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The ergonomic design of our short fins Scorpena Training allows for a gentle development of stroke power and sustained high-speed movement, which is challenging with longer fins. Short fins do not overload or strain muscles, enabling swimmers to endure longer swims, particularly beneficial for beginners. 

The elastic hypoallergenic composite composition, based on silicone rubber, ensures durability, prevents rubbing, and guarantees a snug fit on the foot. The foot pocket's carefully chosen material thickness gradient provides both high elasticity and softness along with sufficient durability. There's a drainage hole in the toe area for water release after putting on the fins once in the water. The textured sole pattern ensures a secure grip on surfaces and aids in pushing off the pool edge. Lateral stiffness ribs throughout the blade length ensure the most efficient curvature during the stroke. The specially designed blade tip minimizes water turbulence, enhancing the energy-saving properties of the Scorpena Training fins.

The model is available in blue, dark blue, yellow, and pink. Sizes range from 33 to 44. Each pair comes with a mesh bag for convenient transport and storage. These fins are lightweight and compact, making it easy to take them to the nearest water body or on a trip to the sea, especially to the pool.

Regular training with Scorpena Training fins enhances swimming technique, develops joints, increases strength and endurance for swimmers at any level, activates more muscle groups, corrects and strengthens leg movements, and builds confidence in water movements. Give them a try; you'll enjoy it!