Snorkel Scorpena K5, blue

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Scorpena K5 is a snorkel equipped with a bottom drain and top dry valve. It is perfect for snorkeling, diving and spearfishing.

The upper valve prevents water from entering during diving, thanks to the shape of the nozzle and the arrangement of the air channels.
The lower valve is necessary for easier, faster and quieter removal of water if it does enter the snorkel. The valve is protected by a sturdy outer casing to prevent mechanical damage and has holes of optimum diameter at the bottom for quick water release.

The flexible corrugated lower part of the snorkel reduces fatigue and jaw strain when holding the snorkel in the mouth. And the straight shape of this insert allows you to quickly switch from the tube to the breathing apparatus during diving. Thanks to the high flexibility and the shape of the corrugated insert, the mouthpiece does not get in the way when you are not using the snorkel, i.e. when you release the mouthpiece, it automatically moves away from your face.

The soft silicone mouthpiece is removable so it can be easily replaced if needed.

Scorpena K5 snorkel attachment consists of two parts: the first one is put on the snorkel and the second one is attached to the mask strap. Before diving, both parts are connected in one movement. When assembled, the mount can be moved along the height of the snorkel and can be adjusted to the angle of inclination to the mask.
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SKU 17276