Our latest vacation essentials

Keep discovering the underwater world with Scorpena Watersports collection! Made for travel, sensational eye-catching wetsuits will make sure you stay warm & stylish while enjoying water sports activities. Up for some snorkelling? Discover our vacation line-up of snorkelling fins and fullface masks.


Snorkelling fins

Modern and aesthetic, our snorkelling fins collection offers a wide range of short and medium length fins perfect for traveling or staycation.

Vivid color palette guarantees you find the perfect pair that matches your personal style.



Wetsuits are essential part of your watersports gear. Be it diving, waters skiing, wakeboarding, or surfing, make sure you stay comfortable while doing it.

Made for various weather and water conditions, our wetsuit range includes 1.5 to 7mm neoprene wetsuits.


Fullface masks

Fullface snorkelling masks are great choice for casual snorkelling in calm & clean water that allows you to breath underwaters as easy as on land.

Forget about fogging! Excellent visibility up to 180 degrees ensures you won’t miss a thing.


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